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Shinjuku evening, Tokyo, 2010.

more shots i did for my roommate’s collec






My micaloz was an absolute darling and put me in a very fluffy mood and give me back my artistic motivation~

i love your art but please, don’t draw these things. It’s just wrong, maybe try drawing normal couples :) i would love to see that!

You are absolutely right to want to see a normal couple because the artwork above isn’t showing normal people at all. Nobody wants to see that! Here is a normal couple:

I mean seriously, nobody has wings and makes love floating in the air! That sure isn’t normal (and not convenient at all either. I can even say that it’s a very dangerous behavior: you can fall! A bed is far better!)
(Even more seriously: The art has been modified with the original artist’s permission, seraphlimonade. Don’t crop, modify, edit an artwork without the artist’s permission, ok guys?)
PS: idjit.

I have never laughed harder and thank you Petite-madame , you own everything * give you all the cups of tea of the universe*  XD Oh god my stomach, gotta stop laughing!
Seriously what was I thinking, they could have seriously hurt themselve!! XD

UGhh seriously, I just looked over her blog and she does the same with every gay-themed fanart/fic/thing.
"Draw normal pairings" "this is just wrong" "Don’t waste your artists skills with gross thing like this" and she put them under the tag #sinful.
If something like this happens with one of my drawings I won’t contain myself, I swear. I’m so pissed off right now

ladysivir needs a good talking to.
How dare you?! This is someone else’s hard work, someone’s art. And it’s beautiful, just so you know. I personally love the shading and the wings and how heartfelt the kiss looks. I can feel this art, and that means something to me. Who cares if I’m a girl, and these are both men? I love it. You have a right to an opinion about everything, but please, do not try and tell an artist what they should draw (unless of course, you’ve been granted a commission or they’ve offered to draw you something), and especially don’t try to tell an artist or anyone that what they like to draw or portray is “wrong” or “sinful”. If you don’t like it, scroll past and ignore it. Others would like to view and enjoy art like this without seeing unnecessary comments about how their preferences or fetishes or whatever else are "wrong".
Please. If you don’t like it, so what? The artist wasn’t drawing this for you. Just ignore it and move on.
I’m sorry, this just seriously pisses me off. Both because I can’t stand when someone tries to “correct” someone’s else’s art by saying what they should draw, and because there is absolutely nothing wrong with this drawing, besides the fact that it doesn’t have nearly enough notes.
P.S - seraphlimonade, I absolutely love your style. :) This is gorgeous, and I would love to see more. <3 Following! 

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